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Your guide to hiring an electrician

How to hire an electrician

Electricians are specialized tradespeople who make sure our buildings, homes, and facilities are securely powered. While their daily responsibilities vary depending on their specialty and setting, an electrician’s job typically involves the installation, inspection, and maintenance of electrical systems. Of course, they’re also the superheroes that troubleshoot electrical problems to keep worksites running smoothly and safely.

Explore the resources below to learn how to hire an electrician, including tips on identifying the right skills, writing a job description, and interviewing candidates.

Why hire an electrician?

You might hire an electrician to:

  • Install, inspect, and maintain electrical components, including wiring, lighting, fuses, fixtures, appliances, and more
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot electrical problems as they arise
  • Read and interpret electrical blueprints, schematics, and wiring diagrams
  • Adhere to safety protocols (e.g. OSHA regulations or local equivalent) and foster a safe working environment on the job site
  • Calibrate machinery and appliances to proper specifications
  • Ensure that all electrical systems are compliant with industry codes and regulations.

Skills and qualifications to look for in an electrician

Although every organization has different needs, there are some common skills many recruiters and hiring managers look for in electrician candidates. Understanding which skills and qualifications are required and which are preferred can help you determine the best-fit candidates.

Required Skills and qualificationsPreferred skills and qualifications
Valid electrician’s license (see your state’s specific requirements)Strong mechanical aptitude 
Relevant certification from electrician trade or technical schoolValid driver’s licence 
Completion of electrician apprenticeship Previous experience working on construction sites
Meticulous attention to detail Familiarity working with diverse groups of contractors, such as designers, plumbers, or builders