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Electrical Wiring In Miami

Let Us Bring Your Electrical Design To Life

We handle electrical wiring for new constructions, additions, electrical rewiring of older homes, offices, and commercial spaces with electrical layouts that no longer meet your needs. Pro-Precision Electrical Contracting guarantees that we’ll wire your home or commercial space to meet the current electrical code and your plan’s specifications. Whether it’s in a small scale renovation or completely new construction, we guarantee you will love the convenience and layout of your new electrical design. We are top rated for electrical wiring in Miami FL and electrical rewiring in Miami FL.

Come experience our high-quality electrical service for yourself. Schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation in which we will work together to talk about your vision and evaluate your needs for your home or office. Pro-Precision Electrical Contracting are highly rated electricians for re-wiring & electrical wiring in Miami, FL.

Electrical Wiring In Miami

Do You Have Cloth Or Aluminum Wiring That Need To Be Replaced?

If your property has aluminum or cloth wiring, your insurance company might require you to replace it, because they are known for causing fires.

  • Aluminum wiring are prone to over-heating and eventually compromises the thermoplastic insulation that shields the aluminum wire from touching other materials or live wires, which would lead to arcing and possible fire.
  • Cloth wiring poses the same threat of causing fires, because after many years of continual usage, the clothe insulation becomes dry and brittle and eventually fall away from from the metal wire, leaving it exposed as a potential shock hazard and fire hazard.

We specialize in electrical rewiring for older homes with cloth and aluminum wiring.

  • We will open needed permits.
  • We will replace all aluminum or clothe wiring in your property with newer, safer copper stranded wiring, which will serve you safely for a long time to come.
  • We will advise you of any corrections that are needed to have your property fully up to code.
  • We will pass final inspection and submit to you, a signed off permit to submit to your insurance company.
 Commercial Electrical Wiring In Miami, FL
We offer electrical wiring for commercial customers in Miami, FL
 Residential Electrical Re-Wiring In Miami, FL
Professional electrical re-wiring for residential home-owners in Miami, FL.

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