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Meter Can Upgrade

When Do You Need A Meter Can Upgrade?

After several years of exposure to our South Florida’s weather, continuous use, and the constant addition of appliances and other various loads, there comes a time for a meter can upgrade and electrical service wire upgrade to properly handle these extra loads. Having these upgrades performed on your home’s meter can installation can save you thousands of dollars in damages and prevent electrical fires. Contact Pro-Precision Electrical Contracting today and get a free estimate to upgrade your meter can. We are the #1 electricians for meter can upgrades in Miami, FL. Give us a call today.

Meter Can Upgrade Service

Meter Can Upgrade In Miami

As part of our meter can upgrade service we will:

  • Inspect your current meter can
  • Advise if you need to upgrade your present meter can
  • Provide a written estimate
  • Open needed permits with the proper municipality
  • Complete the installation
  • Have the installation inspected
  • And warranty your installation for 1 full year.

We also offer fast and affordable meter can repair service for loose, corroded, burnt or damaged meter can sockets and internal parts. Sometimes you don’t need to change your entire meter can, but just the vital connection points, which may cause partial or unstable power to your home. We will remedy flickering lights or partial power issues. We are licensed electrical contractors performing meter can upgrade and repairs in Miami, FL. We offer free estimates and guarantee all labor and parts for one full year.

Have An Outdated Or Obsolete Meter Can?

If you have a meter can that is no longer manufactured or “obsolete”, but don’t want to change your entire meter can? We will help you to locate the replacement parts you need and install it for you at an affordable cost. Call us today to schedule your free estimate!

Meter Can Upgrades In Miami
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