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Commercial Electrical Contractor

Pro-Precision Electrical Contracting LLC is one the best commercial electrician in Miami. We have worked on various scopes of commercial electrical projects. We have completed projects in hotels, schools, stores, offices, factories, apartment buildings, etc.

New Installations

If you are building or renovating, call Pro-Precision Electrical Contracting to design and install your electricity. Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced in all electrical facets. They will make sure that you have adequate power points for all your machinery and office equipment. If you are installing new machinery our technicians will make sure that each machine is properly installed and receives adequate power.

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If you need to rewire your business premises to meet your growing needs or you are moving into a new office space, call us. We will rewire your project according to your specifications and plans while meeting the state and national standards of safety.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

If you are moving into an older building, you might not have enough power there to meet your business needs. You’ll maybe find breakers tripping all the time and you will experience many other problems. Give us a call now. We’ll come out to assess your situation and get you an accurate estimate. You might need a new panel to distribute your power throughout your property. We will upgrade your panel, identify all circuits, and install AFCI breakers, where required.


If you are experiencing problems with your electricity, call Pro-Precision Electrical Contracting. We will troubleshoot your wiring and power points and repair anything that is not working properly. We are efficient and we minimize your downtime.

Outdoor Lighting

If you plan to beautify the garden or the front of your business you can ask us to design the outdoor lighting and install it too.

Quality, integrity and customer satisfaction are our values. That is why all our customers come back to us every time they have electrical problems.

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