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Code Violation Correction Service

Code violation correction by Pro-Precision Electrical  can help with all types of electrical code violations.   After electrical violations are issued, there is a set time that the property owner has to get a licensed electrical contractor, to open the proper permits, perform the corrective work, and have the work inspected by the county’s inspectors. Not doing so in a timely manner can result in fines being imposed and liens being placed on the property.

Code Violation Correction Service In Miami

Code Violation Correction Service

As part of our code violation correction service we:

Perform an in depth violation search on your property

  • Inspect your entire electrical system
  • Identify said code violations
  • Advise what you need to correct in your present electrical system
  • Provide a written estimate
  • Open needed permits with the proper municipality
  • Complete all corrections
  • Have all corrections inspected
  • And warranty your installations for 1 full year.

We can help with violations for: illegal additions, illegal efficiencies, illegal garage conversions, enclosed patios, enclosed carports, Tiki Huts wired with power, sheds wired with power, and other illegal structures wired with power. We can legalize most of these violations by following the proper procedures of the permitting department and performing any corrective work that is required to bring the installation up to code. We are fully licensed and insured and will handle all permit and inspection requirements with the proper municipality to close out any violations. Our code violation correction services has helped many home owners in Miami, and the Homestead areas find relief from violation headaches.

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Code Violation Correction Service in Miami, Fl
We correct code violations and offer electrical permit services in Miami.
 Code Violation Correction Service in Miami, Fl
Miami code violation correction service by Pro-Precision
Code Violation Correction Service in Miami FL. (305) 439 – 1784
We offer code violation correction service for Tiki Huts that were wired without permits.

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