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Electrical home inspection services provided here at Pro-Precision Electrical Contracting LLC is highly rated by our customers in Miami, Florida. Our electrical home inspection service is the right choice when you need your electrical system inspected at the request of your insurance company, after an electrical fire or lightning strike, or for when you just want to know the condition of your electrical system before you do any renovations or upgrades to your home.
 Pro-Precision Electrical Contracting offers:
  • Electrical home inspections
  • Pre-purchase electrical inspections
  • Safety check inspections for residential and commercial customers
  • In-depth electrical inspections
Electrical home inspection In Miami

Electrical Home inspection & Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

During an electrical home inspection or Pre-Purchase home inspection our certified electricians will:

  • Inspect your entire electrical system
  • Meter Can
  • Main Disconnect
  • Electrical Panels
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Equipment & Devices
  • Advise if you need to upgrade any part(s) of your electrical system
  • Provide a detailed written estimate for any electrical concerns that need to be addressed.

The information from your inspection report can help you make informed decisions when purchasing a property. It can also be helpful if you’re looking to make renovations or upgrades to your home. Many home owners use the information in their inspection report as a maintenance and preventive measure to find and address issues even before they become an issue!

With our detailed estimate and inspection report, you will know upfront what are the costs involved in getting your electrical system up to code. If you want to know what will it take to get your electrical system the way you would like it to meet your needs, your report can help. This information will not only help you meet your current needs, but will also help you to plan for the future of what your electrical needs might be. Why make decisions without the right information when you don’t have to?

Remember, knowing before you buy can save you thousands of unexpected dollars in repairs!!

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