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Many happy homeowners contacted Pro-Precision Electrical for LED pool light installation when they found out their pool lighting was an actual hazard, a place where their family spent a lot of time together!  Since 2014 it has been out of code to install 120 volt light fixtures inside or within 10 feet of a swimming pool due to lethal electrical shock hazard.

Then what should you do if you had a 120 volt pool light installed in your pool before 2014? Give us a call! We can replace your 120 volt halogen pool light with a 12 volt LED pool light that is both safer and more energy efficient. When properly installed, these new low-voltage LED lights are much safer than having standard line voltage (120v) running to your pool light/s.We install a low voltage step-down transformer that takes the voltage from 120 volts down to 12 volts, bringing the installation to code. We will also make sure that your pool light, handrails, and pool pump motor casing are correctly bonded to form a proper equip-potential plain, minimizing, if not eliminating shock hazards.

Added Ambiance & Beauty 

A new option we offer our clients is low voltage LED color changing “show” light which can be set to: full rainbow color spectrum, reds, blue, yellows, or bright white, with strobe, fade, or slow fade speed settings

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