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Electrical contractors in Coral Gables, FL for complete electrical installation and repair services. Pro Precision Electrical contracting is an electrician in Coral Gables, FL servicing customers with our years of experience providing electrical panel upgrades, Meter can upgrades, electrical wiring in renovation and new construction projects, electrical troubleshooting, and light installation services just to name a few.

To go a little deeper in to our electrical service we provide to our Coral Gables customers, we will start by saying Coral gables is a historic part of Miami, Florida.

” a cohesive community built on a grand Mediterranean Revival architectural style to create an overall harmony with the environment. Early city planners and visionaries were influenced by the aesthetics of the City Beautiful Movement that swept across America in the early 1900’s. Inspired by the works of landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead, who designed New York’s Central Park, The City Beautiful Movement encouraged the use of wide tree-lined avenues, monumental buildings, winding roadways, green space, ornate plazas and fountains galore. All these elements of style have been and continue to be incorporated by Coral Gables city planners.” an excerpt taken from

understanding the history, the age maturity, and the intended style and feel of these properties, we approach each customer’s property with care knowing that it too plays a role in the rich history of this community on a whole.

Our electrical rewiring service replaces the entire wiring of the property from cloth and aluminum wiring to copper stranded wiring. This new wiring is better conducting and delivers cleaner power to your devices and appliances. This cleaner delivery of power allows motors in refrigerators, air conditioning units, and various other appliances to function better and last longer. It’s safer for your sensitive electronic devices and lighting fixtures that are designed to  operate efficiently, so you can have a “High Tech” home without disturbing it’s “Old World” charm. Electrical contractor in Coral Gables for electrical wiring, rewiring, electrical panel upgrade, and light installations.