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Electrical contractor in Coconut Grove, FL for electrical installations and repair services. Coconut Grove, Florida is well known for its high property values, mature trees, and stylish older homes which sometimes have outdated wiring. We offer complete rewiring of your property if your current wiring is aluminum, cloth, or copper wiring that has been in use for more that 30 years. During the rewiring process we will install all new devices to bring your property up to the current electrical code while giving your electrical system a fresh start that will serve you for many years to come.

Need to install ceiling fans, pendant lights, or chandeliers? Yes, we assemble and install ceiling fans, pendant lights, and chandeliers. We even work on high ceilings! Using our years of experience and strict safety measures, we will help to beautify your home and bring your visions to life.

Thinking about bringing your outdoor space alive at night with a custom landscape lighting design? We will help you create a custom landscape lighting design that will highlight all the special gems of your outdoor areas, giving your space an overall ambiance that will draw you to spend more time outdoors, enjoying the value and beauty it brings to your home.

Pro-Precision Electrical Contracting LLC is a licensed residential electrical contractor with many years of experience and our focuses are Quality, Integrity, Customer Service. Pro-Precision Electrical Contracting llc is a full service electrical contractor in Coconut Grove, FL area in Miami.

Pro-Precision Electrical Contracting llc are rated top notch by residential and commercial customers alike for:

# New construction
# Renovations of homes and offices
# Electrical repair services
# Inspection Services
# Formal written estimates (for banks & Insurance co.)


Electrical contractor in coconut grove